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Every photography session is a bit different from the rest, and I do my best to work with the unique people who come before my lens to bring out that uniqueness in a natural and flattering way. My work and the sessions that I offer fall into these general categories:


School Photography Done Differently

I spend a good part of every Fall and Spring photographing schools in Ashland. Every student is given their own tiny photo session and presented with 7-12 photographs to choose from. Prints and digital files are available to purchase after viewing the photos online. In addition to numerous preschools and smaller classes, current schools working with me are The Siskiyou School, Helman Elementary, Walker Elementary, Bellview Elementary, The John Muir School, and The Willow Wind Learning Center.



"School Photos for Families" Session

These sessions are very short, very lively, and very fun photo sessions at a fraction of the cost of my other sessions... like I do with schools, but with families. Sessions are done in studio, last 15 minutes, and are done back-to-back-to-back. Soon after, I will present you with 20-30 photographs that you’ll love. The possibilities for using the photos are simple and affordable. You can purchase Prints, Digital Files or Packages off of my "School Photos for Families" price list outlined below (which is about ½ the cost of the Original Session Price List and ⅓ the cost of the Extended Session Price List).


Session fee is $25. Next sessions will be in spring 2019.  


Original Portrait Session

Like the “School Photos… for Families” session, but done outdoors and taking a bit more time. This is my most popular session and for good reason. My strength is getting a variety of photos of kids, families and high school seniors very quickly. Working for years with children in portrait sessions and at the many schools that I photograph, I've learned to move fast. This session works well for children alone or with their families and for high school seniors who don't need to have multiple outfits or locations. We would spend 20-30 minutes at one outdoor location with the goal being to capture a variety of natural, joyous, real portraits. You can expect to see 30-40 photos, which will be available to view online, usually within two weeks. Prints, Digital Files and Packages are ordered off my Original Session Price List outlined below (which is 25-30% less than my Extended Session Price List). 


Session fee is $75 weekday and $150 weekend.


Extended Portrait Session

Want a variety of backgrounds? Have multiple family groups? Want to try three outfits at a couple of locations for your senior photos? This session allows for all the time we may need to capture your family, your extended family or high school senior in a natural, fresh, unpressured and real way. These sessions are typically outdoors and naturally lit. 45-90 minutes is the range of time we might expect, usually depending upon how much fun everyone is having and whether or not I feel like we have captured what we were after. Small children sometimes can't go quite as long as we all may hope (Original Session, maybe?). I am open to location ideas and I generally have certain areas around Ashland that work well at different times of the year and at different times of the day. You can expect to see 40-60 of the best, edited images from the many hundred that we will take. These will usually be available to view online within two weeks after your session. Prints, Digital Files and Packages are ordered off my Extended Session Price List outlined below.


Session fee is $200 weekday and $250 weekend.


Basic Professional Head Shot Session

Realtors, actors, health care professionals, and small business owners... we all need a head shot that presents us in a way that attracts the business that we want. This session is typically done outside with natural light and background. I try to stick to a single outfit and the session generally takes 20-30 minutes.

This session includes one copyright-free, digital image. Additional digital images are $25 apiece.


Session fee is $150/weekday and $200/weekend.



Portfolio Headshot Session

When a head shot or two isn't going to be enough, or you know you need a variety of images beyond the scope of the standard head/shoulders photo, the "portfolio" session is the way to go. We will spend 45-90 minutes capturing both head shots and environmental portraits with more spontaneity and creativity than the standard head shot session. Several changes of clothes will add variety.

This session includes 4 copyright-free, digital images. Additional digital images are $25 apiece.


Session fee is $400/weekday and $450/weekend.